Distance and De Düva (The Dove) Synopsis


From the Original 1975 Marketing Pamphlet


DISTANCE is a psychological, insightful and moving first feature film, which brings Lover’s insightful camera to two couples on an Army base in Georgia in the mid-1950’s. A beautiful German woman (Eija Pokkinen) is desperately trying to save her crumbling marriage to a black Master Sergeant (Paul Benjamin). He finds himself in mid-life trapped in a marriage with a woman he has nothing in common with - she does not share his love of books and art and seems only attracted to his sensuality. His sense of responsibility will not allow him to leave a woman he no longer loves. He finds himself trapped by his inability to deal with his feelings of pride, rage and frustration. The second couple's story is a bittersweet love affair between a young private (James Woods) and a beautiful older career woman (Bibi Besch). Events turn tragic when the Master Sergeant takes the young private into his personal life, and his deteriorating marriage.



Where DISTANCE came from (Three points of view)


JAY CASTLE (Screenwriter) has written two novels. "Dorfman the Doorman" and "Turn a Gorilla upside down" as well as numerous screen adaptations and one act plays. With the production of DISTANCE. Mr. Castle has seen his first original screenplay in completion. Two more of his screenplays are scheduled for production in the Spring of 1976 and he is now at work on a full-length play for fall production.



GEORGE COE (Producer) comes to producing after extensive experience as an actor. He was featured in many Broadway plays including WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN?, MAME and COMPANY and has appeared in several films and numerous network television shows. He played the leading role in the Academy Award-nominated De Düva (THE DOVE) and shares both the producer and director's credit on the film with Anthony Lover. DISTANCE marks his first major production effort.



ANTHONY LOVER (Director/Cinematographer/Editor) began his career as an art director. He then became the assistant to John Oxberry, the inventor of optical/animation special effects systems, In the past fifteen years he has worked in every phase of film-making and today is the president of Liberty Studios Inc., a New York-based production company. He has been cited for his work in graphic design and has directed and directed and photographed numerous award-winning television commercials and educational films. He photographed, and, along with George Coe, produced and directed the multiple prize-winning, live action short subject DE DUVA (THE DOVE).

The Dove (De Düva) is a 1968 American short film that humorously parodies the films of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The film borrows heavily from the plot lines of some of Bergman's most famous films made before 1968. There is a journey by car back to the location of childhood memories as in Wild Strawberries. The main characters meet with the shrouded figure of Death as in The Seventh Seal. The film was directed by George Coe and Anthony LoverMadeline Kahn made her first film appearance, in a supporting role.


The Plot:

Victor, a seventy-six-year-old physics professor traveling by chauffeured car to give a university lecture, decides to visit his boyhood home. In the outhouse, he finds a figurine of a dove which reminds him of a summer picnic from his youth. Later in the flashback, Victor (played by Coe) and his beloved sister Inga run through the woods until they come across Death, who has come to claim Inga. Victor wagers that Death will not win a badmintonska (badminton) competition with Inga -- parodying The Seventh Seal, in which the competition is a game of chess. Death agrees, with the condition that if he wins he will take both Inga and Victor. After Inga wins the competition, thanks in whole or in part to the accidental contribution of the Dove, she and Victor happily run to the lake to go skinny-dipping.