Distance Review Excerpts


It believes in itself, in its story, in its characters; and that belief pulls viewers into it…The film’s real jewels are its freshness, its lovely characterizations, “it's splendid acting. Bibi Besch’s performance is among the best of the year.”

– Richard Eder/New York Times


“A remarkable achievement. There are scenes that are absolutely masterful. This is a very good film.”

– Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times


“Distance’ has power and directness…a fine group of actors…revelatory direction… excellent scripting… unique filmic grace…a moving film.”

– Gene Moskowitz/ Variety


“Brims with genuine feelings, and it observes the behavior of desperate but decent people with persuasive intelligence…uniformly vibrant cast… eminently worth seeing.“

- Frank Rich/New York Post


“Distance’ is a truly remarkable film of a depth and intensity that one would ordinarily expect nowadays only from one of the European Masters… Rich in drama and detail, Distance is the best American movie to have come along in some while.”

– Martin Mitchell/After Dark Magazine


“A fascinating mood movie, with an uncanny sense of time and place and a subtle eye for nuance and detail…There are performances in Distance that will demand attention at Oscar time!”

– Kevin Sanders/ABC-TV


“The best surprise I’ve had…award winning performances… seething emotions…engaging drama.”

– Dennis Lato/Movie Review


“Unerringly evokes the feeling of 1956… Strong performances with that kernel of artistic integrity that makes one respect the package that contains them.”

– Curt Davis/EncoreMagazine


“Uniformly fine performances…The characters move toward and away from each other like intricately choreographed chess pieces…We can’t wait to see Anthony Lover’s next film!”

– Christine Nieland/Chicago Daily News


“Director Anthony Lover shows a remarkable, non-nostalgic poise in probing four restless psyches.”

– Tom Allen/Village Voice


“Captures the essence of Army life, the feeling of two decades ago without having to harp on set decoration for nostalgia…This is indeed the fifties.”

– Nancy Schwartz/ SoHo News


”The most literate, original and uncliched movie of the year…a brilliant and searing exploration of the end of a marriage.”

– Daphne Davis/American Home Magazine


“There is something likable about “Distance,” perhaps it lies in the respect with which it approaches its characters—the avoidance of pretension, artificial cleverness, phony nobility. And, among other decent performances, there is a truly moving one by Bibi Besch.”

– John Simon/New York Magazine



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