Jay Castle: Writer, Producer


Jay Castle sold or optioned a number of screenplays and was the author of two novels, DISTANCE was his only work that was actually produced and distributed.  Circumstances prevented him from following the excellent buzz of that film to Hollywood and he continued to work as a writer in New York.


Working for such major advertising agencies as Case & McGrath, Geer Dubois, and Epstein Raboy,  Jay did the original campaigns for ROCKY, ANNIE HALL, EQUUS, and many other films, as well as award winning Television campaigns for THE BIONIC WOMAN, KOJAK and other MCA programming.


Jay also produced successful advertising for stage hits including THE CHORUS LINE. As a partner, then principal in his own agency Jay worked in entertainment advertising for many years until eventually joining his wife’s TV production company in the production of IN THE MIX, a series that ran on Public Television for 15 years.